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The BookStore is proud to introduce print-on-demand services on the newest Espresso Book Machine located in the store. The EBM is a full integrated patented book making machine that will automatically print, bind and trim a high-quality paperback book in mere minutes. From printing the full colour cover and the black on white pages, to gluing and binding them into a perfectly bound paperback book, the EBM can produce a book that is virtually indistinguishable from one printed by a traditional publisher.

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General Inquiries:
Madelaine Paterson x33996

Print-on-demand is an efficient, cost effective technology that saves time, money, space and reduces our carbon footprint by altering the traditional book supply chain process. Books with copyright are printed at the BookStore with copyright permission ensuring that the creators and publishers of written works are properly compensated.

The BookStore will be able to increase our offering of books by printing on demand titles available through Google Books, Gutenberg Project, and other public domain book sources.

Book Layout Guidelines

Download in PDF format.

For self-publishing authors, the BookStore offers inexpensive short-run print options. The EBM is designed for short run print options from one copy or up to 300 copies for an initial order. For more information or a quote on printing your book, please contact our Print On Demand department at ext 32731.

Offical News Release (PDF)