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Just for Parents

It has finally happened: Your son or daughter is now a university student. Can’t believe it, can you?

We’re thrilled your family has chosen the University of Waterloo as the next step in receiving a top-tier education from a top-ranking school. And as part of this institution of higher learning, Retail Services is here for all of you.

Family members, including siblings, grandparents and other relatives, are welcome to visit our stores - bookstore, campustech, waterloostore, writestuff, and media.doc. Our friendly staff is here to help everyone through the first year transitioning from home to campus.

We hope the helpful hints listed below will answer some of the questions about how to find the right books and why keeping your sales receipt is a good idea.


Use BookLook to find the right books. Our textbooks are conveniently listed online. To make browsing easier, be sure to note the term and section of the listing.

Students can create a customized book list by searching for all of their books by term.


Not sure if your child is going to need all the books on her list? Check our return policy for the textbook return deadline and return conditions.